Learn how to edit a world class trailer for

your documentary project!

The EDN International Trailer Workshop is a three-day event focusing on the development of pitching pilots (aka trailers) for
four selected documentary projects.

All four projects will leave with a finished pilot in their hand. The workshop will end with a presentation of the participating projects, the goals achieved during the workshop and aims for the next steps of developments needed for the further development of the projects.

Who should participate?

The workshop is aimed at documentary professionals with a project in development. The level of the teaching will be high and based upon the experiences of the participants. We encourage teams of directors, producers and editors to participate together in the workshop, as the participating projects will go through developments in aspects of directing, producing and structuring of the story.

What will you learn?

During the first day we will provide a general introduction on editing pitch pilots and discuss the visual material connected to each project. Every project team will be asked to show a first draft of a pilot or key scenes from their material. From this material we will locate the strengths within the material and expose weaknesses and pitfalls.

Hereafter we will look at possible storylines, the psychology of the characters and their relationships in the film, visual style, style of editing, the emotional tone, ethical questions, genre and personal motivation for making the film. This will strengthen the filmmaker in the development of the pilot in particular and of the project in general. The participants will get a more detailed vision about what kind of film they want to make, and with this clarification they are better prepared to edit their pilot.

During the next days the participants will edit the pilot for their project. Teams will work in separate editing rooms and we will look at the pilots in an auditorium and compare the first impressions of each project with the work that has been done. The work with editing the pilot will be done in both individual sessions and in auditorium work.

Before & after the workshop there will be the possibility of having a Skype consultation with EDN.

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