Crossing Borders is a training programme for documentary professionals in Europe and Asia looking to access the international documentary market. The programme has so far taken place in China (2010), Malaysia (2011 & 2013), Indonesia (2015) and South Korea (2012 & 2016) and is coming back to Malaysia in 2017!

The Crossing Borders programme aims to bring together filmmakers and documentary experts from both Europe and Asia, who are highly motivated to collaborate with each other across national borders with the ambition to enter each other's markets both artistically and financially. Crossing Borders is organised by EDN and Documentary Campus and presented in partnership with FINAS – The National Film Development Corporation Malaysia and MyDocs.

This year's edition of Crossing Borders consists of four sessions: a development workshop kicking off the programme in July in Kuala Lumpur, a separate online session focusing on story development and trailers, a pitch training workshop taking place in October in Leipzig, Germany and a distribution & outreach workshop with presentations to financiers and sales agents in December again in Kuala Lumpur.


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